I really appreciate how supportive the Bargaining Power team is each time we call. The development partnering we did with them to create the Consolidated Report feature was outstanding, as we had only a short time before we started bargaining multiple agreements at the same time. It was very important to understand the total cost quickly to enable real-time informed decision-making. They provided a very quick turnaround. We’re excited to see the enhancements they continue to make with new releases.   — Marlene Smith, Dana Holding Company
In the four years that I have used Bargaining Power for costing support in negotiating several labor agreements in Canada, it has been very flexible and adaptable. The software can be used for single or multiple-location bargaining situations, and it is a helpful decision-support tool outside of labor negotiations to determine the labor-cost impacts of various business initiatives such as expansions or new locations. The BP team also provides prompt and expert technical support.   — Lynn Keays, Sysco Corporation
Bargaining Power provides a unique and comprehensive array of options that I use for myriad types of contracts for the locals I provide analysis to. This is a program which allows me to recreate the complex rules of a contract and perform very complicated calculations that would otherwise be extremely time consuming in a different format. Some of our larger locals have even licensed the software themselves, which enhances the consistency of analysis from our international perspective. Another feature I really enjoy is the collaborative nature of the support. I have worked closely with their staff in order to highlight current features that could be developed further or a feature that would be helpful, and in the course of the past two years I have seen many of these refinements make their way into recent releases. This type of dynamic, ongoing development is reflective of the flexible economic analysis Bargaining Power allows me to provide to locals across our union.   — Adam P. Blunt, United Food & Commercial Workers, International Union
The Utah Transit Authority has been using Bargaining Power since 2009. Not only has the software been user friendly, but I have always received outstanding customer service and assistance when needed or costing those difficult proposals.  After three rounds of contract negotiations, Bargaining Power has proven to be a time saving and effective tool for accurately costing proposals and our collective bargaining agreement. — Kimberly Ulibarri, Utah Transit Authority


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